Laptop running slow


Why is my computer so slow all of a sudden?

One of most common question I been asked by my costumes. It can be few things that can cause this and I will go through them in this article.

  1. Dust in you laptop heatsink blocking air flow in your laptop cooling fan.

If your laptop is on idle and fan keep spinning at full speed. And the bottom of laptop very hot in short period of time. Also, I suggest checking your laptop CPU temperatures as well. Here is a link to Core temp 1.7 easy to install small in size free program. After installation check your Core temperatures if in idle they are over 70-80 degrees you laptop needs cleaning. Never let your laptop to overheat it can damage beyond repair.

  1. Lack of RAM in your Laptop.

If your laptop running slow. Struggles to open programs like (skype, word, excel) in some case it takes up to few minutes. Slow Operating system boot times. Your Browser struggles to play videos or even opening internet pages takes time. In this case, you need to upgrade your Ram.

The majority of laptops come with 4GB of Ram as standard. And in most of the modern laptops, you have one empty slot for another 4GB of Ram. 4 GB of ram will cost you around £30-£40 pounds but will make big difference and will boost your laptop speed up to 20%-30%.

  1. The virus, Malware infected Laptop.

Sometimes not easy to spot.But first symptoms will be again the lack of speed, a strange pop-up window asking you to purchase software to speed up your PC or clean from viruses. One-off common malware infection examples will be Browser homepage from Google search changes into something different and won’t let you change back to Google search.

In this case, I would recommend buying a good Antivirus program.I would recommend Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Antivirus for your laptop review can be found here.

laptop running slow


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